Tildacare Foudation

The Tildacare Foundation caters to the weighty needs of hundreds of under privileged children in Lagos every yuletide. Tildacare Foundation believes deeply in ameliorating the suffering of the under, privilege children in Lagos, forced to live in adverse poverty. The goal is to create a fun Christmas for kids who can’t afford to celebrate Christmas – “A Christmas with a difference”.

Tildacare Foundation employed its personal resources to successfully feed 200 and 400 kids during its 2015 and 2017 outreach respectively. This year, it hopes to put a smile on the faces of over 1,000 underprivileged children in Lagos, this includes: food, clothing, back to school materials for children and primary healthcare. The experience thus far has revealed that the foundation still has a long way to go because for every individual reached, there are over 50 individuals still in need.


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